Let talk about air pollution!

1. Define air pollution.
2. Identify major causes of air pollution (e.g., automobiles, burning garbage, electric power plants emissions, industrial boilers and certain consumer products).
3. Identify the effects of air pollution (health effects in humans, effects such as acid rain on the environment, effects on the ozone layer, ground level-smog).
4. To identify programs in place to reduce air pollution (passage of The Clean Air Act, industry programs such as the development of reformulated gasoline).
5. To identify personal methods of reducing air pollution (car-pooling, reduction in use of aerosol spray products, choosing biodegradable products).
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  • your responses should be respectful of others opinions

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Be inspired by these pictures: pollution
Then you can record yourself to make a podcast for your partners:

acid rain - Visual Dictionary Online

Saving Energy
Tim talks about three things he is doing to save energy and help the environment.

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