How has technology changed our lives?

Is technology important to you? Why or why not? Use specific details to prove your opinion.


Technology has a big impact upon people and their lives. People are more dependant now upon computers and televisions and other electrical appliances now than before. Now if people need to find out information, they more likely look on the internet, than going down to their local library and looking it up in a book. Also more people use internet chat sites and emails instead of phoning people or even writing letters. Also more people sit and watch the television when they have free time rather than going and playing a game or reading a book or doing something else.
With only a simple download, we can stay in contact with friends and family anywhere in the world. There are many chat sites in which we can meet people from all over the world and start friendships. With the technology that is being created, we can do almost anything on our computers. We can even order our shopping over the internet! We can even watch movies and listen to music on the internet now.
But there are some aspects of technology that can be damaging to us. For example, less people go and practise sport, with more people sitting and watching television on a weekend and during their free time. Also when people do shopping over the internet, they are more likely to miss out on things that they needed or wanted to buy because when they are looking around a shop, they will see the things that they want to buy and they will not forget, but on the internet, they can not see the products, so they are more likely to forget what they need, or end up buying something that was not what they wanted in the first place.
Also because of technology, more people are getting stolen from because they have the most advanced phone or music player. It also means that more people are spending their money on things that are not especially necessary, such as cameras on phones and video playing capabilities on music players.
There are many advantages and disadvantages that arise on the subject of technology, but I think that, when used correctly it is a good thing. Despite the problems that can be noticed quite obviously, such as thieving and lack of good exercise, the rewards that can be gained from using new technology correctly and well can be great.

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