What is a wiki ? How does it work?

A wiki is a website where anyone can edit anything anytime they want (Richardson, 2006). It is thus a great tool for online collaborative writing activities. The word "wiki" comes from a Hawaiian word for "quick". Wikis were invented about 10 years ago by Ward Cunningham. definition
Watch this video to better understand what a wiki is:

The Connected Classroom

Creating and using wikis

Web 2 Publishing Handout
Collaborative space for staff in the Upper Merion Area School District: wiki
On e-digiskills space, you'll find some links to know how to use 'widgets' for the wiki: e-digiskills
Example of procedure for a collaborative writing Project: wikis
A new tool for classroom work: exemple
Wiki tools: AH!
Flat classroom project: ideas and tutorials
Here is our classblog: you can find some instructions on how to use the wiki, widgets and visio.

Ways to use wikis in education: collaborative writing
A very rewarding train of research and software development is argument mapping - a way of providing visual representations of the structure of argument : can computers think?
Getting tricky with wikis
Tools for wikis
Using Wikispaces
Using Wikispaces-2