1. Form a Focus Group

Choose a group to work with according to your general interest area - Environment, Technology, Lifestyles, or Globalization. Your focus group will consist of classmates in King of Prussia and in Brioude.

2. Create a wikipage

Create a wiki page within the GlobalConnect wiki to organize your group¹s

ideas, work, and discussions.

3. PodPals

Introduce yourself with a photo and short podcast (1-2 minutes) and upload

your podcast to your group wikispace page. Tell your group about yourself, and identify the global issues that are important to you.

4. Conference

Coordinate and participate in a real-time video conference with your group.

5. Choose a question

As a group, identify a challenging question that relates to our global

society. Your question should fall into one of the categories we have

discussed on our shared wikispace or from examples provided by your teachers.

6. Explore your topic

Investigate this question in depth. Find resources to clarify your topic.

Explore all possible answers to your question, and consider multiple

perspectives. Delegate within your group as appropriate. Cite your references.

7. Develop your wiki Page

Develop your wikispace page around this question and the answers you have

found. Create a resource that others can visit to better understand the

question and its importance. Be sure to observe copyright regulations.

(Free image library)

8. Share your results

Review the pages of your classmates.